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New GTA 6 (Latest Information)

New GTA 6 (Latest Information)



I know there’s a lot of GTA 6 clickbait out there now, so today I’m going to tell you everything we know about GTA 6 from the leaks, which are things that people have seen confirmed, and as you can see from the title, we actually do know a fair bit. Let’s start with the basics. The game is set in Vice City. There are rumors that there may be additional cities coming after the launch. But of course, that’s not confirmed. There will be two main playable characters, Jason and Lucia. Switching between these characters will be a lot faster than it is in GTA 5.

In fact, when the two characters are standing right next to each other, it’s completely instant, according to the leaks we saw in an inventory system. Both characters will have their own individual inventories, but it also looks like there’s a shared inventory section. It’s unclear if this will come to the final game, but this is definitely something that was in the leaks that Rockstar was testing. Also, in this footage, you can’t carry around as many guns as you can in GTA 5.

Overview & Features

So using something like a rocket launcher will take up multiple slots, and without a bag, you’ll only be able to carry one big gun and a couple of smaller pistols or throwables. There will be a double bag that will increase your inventory size, possibly letting you hold more weapons, but that isn’t quite confirmed. The weapon interactions and animations are much more detailed than in GTA 5. The character Jason has some sort of sixth-sense ability. You can see this in the leaks when he went into a shop and could see special or hidden items. Carrying food or drinks will take up inventory space, and now it’s unclear if food and drink are going to heal you like they did in GTA 5, but what we do know is that you will have to carry first aid kits and different medicines to heal.

Also, it looks like this is on a separate hot bar or quick bar for easy access. Conversations with NPCs will be much more immersive, so make different comments to them as you walk past. Of course, if you’re playing Jason or Lucia, there’ll be different things. If you’re playing Lucia, a lot of the guys will catch you, which you’ll be able to handle.

Different Between GTA 5 & GTA 6

Also, carry bodies. As of right now, we’ve only seen someone carry a person over their shoulders; we’re not sure if that’s an NPC or a different player, as this was actually a clip from GTA 6 online. You can now go prone or crouch. We have confirmation that you will be able to shoot while crouched, but we haven’t yet been able to see if you can shoot while prone. GTA 5 had pretty good clothing details, but with GTA 6, there’ll be even better details on your clothing, like sweat after running blood, and even dirt. The Invader is confirmed to return in GTA 6.

We also have confirmation that it is set in the same universe as GTA 5. When two characters talk about the death of Jay Norris, which occurred in GTA 5’s story, we also have one confirmed new social media platform called What Up.

There will be some sort of hovercraft, at least in a single-player. This looks very similar to The Vortex from previous GTA games, but we’re not yet sure if it will be called The Vortex. Certain locations will have CCTV. There was a clip from the links where Jason got spotted by the CCTV, and then the security guard ended up finding Jason. Because he saw him through the camera, just like in GTA 5, the types of cars that spawn will depend on your location.

Thrilling Challenges

So, in the upper-class parts of Vice City, you’ll get a lot more sports cars and supercars roaming the streets, and as you head away from the city, you’ll get more rusted cars. more rundown cars older cars That sort of thing makes it look like a lot more items will be interactive when you can be seen robbing a store and the cashier ends up throwing the cash bag at you. You don’t automatically pick it up; you have to look at the bag of cash, press a button, and then pick it up. You can switch shoulders when shooting, switching from your left or right shoulder. This is something that was in Red Dead Redemption 2.

A good thing to know is that it’s coming in GTA 6 as well. You’ll be able to go into a lot more interiors of buildings than in GTA 5, which is great news because it potentially means more stores to rob. Speaking of robbing stores, the store robbery system looks to be a lot more advanced. In one clip, we see Jason and Lucia robbing a store called Hank’s Waffles, where they hold up the entire diner, and there’s also a timer on the top of the screen counting down to when the cops arrive. Yet again, you’ll be able to drop weapons. You can sit in the back of a pickup truck and shoot people behind you while you’re driving, but this actually looks very different from GTA 5.


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